All the Heroics,
None of the Hassle.

HeroTask is a 100% HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant solution designed to track tasks and keep team communication clear.

With HeroTask, you’ll spend less time in your inbox and more time engaging with your team.

And that’s how success happens.

All The Features You Need for Your Team to Thrive

Now you can connect your entire organization at the touch of a button, whether you have 30 employees or 3000.

Direct communication with
your team members,
from corporate to the
store level.

Check the status of each and every task in real time, 24 hours a day.

Enable private or shared communication with your staff members and choose from four different task formats including basic sign-off, checklist, questions, and polls.

Alert staff instantly to assigned tasks with email or text notifications.

compliant so your data is
guaranteed to stay secure.
See how it works.

With HeroTask you can track and monitor assigned tasks in any format with the use of categories and tags, Intelligent search functionality, and search-able archives.
Track tasks quickly and efficiently with the use of categories and tags.

Creating & Assigning
With HeroTask, communication around tasks just... happens. Assigning and tracking tasks is quick and easy– you can assign tasks to your entire team, and you'll never create the same task twice.

Monitor tasks every step of the way so you'll never lose track of progress

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